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Charlotte, NC



Thanks for looking at our paddles. We are a family and veteran owned business that ONLY sells what we know and love. We know our products, use our products, and stand behind them 100% - So if you have any questions about our products please just ask. We respond very quickly at


We are fully committed to making sure that you are 100% satisfied. That means having access to real people that get your questions and concerns answered quickly. 

Fast and Free Shipping

You're already purchasing the item. Why pay additional for shipping? We get your order shipped out and delivered to your doorstep as quickly as possible, and ground shipping is always free!


Buy with complete confidence - our paddles have been developed, trialed and tested by RPC3 and we have never had to 'buy' reviews for our paddles by giving them away at a fraction of their cost like some paddle competitors do - they speak for themselves. And like all our paddles they are guaranteed to float in both salt and fresh water for 12 months (we always suggest people buy paddles that float!)

RPC3 backs up this pedigree with our 'Bullet Proof' guarantee - if it doesn't deliver what it is supposed to at ANY TIME within 12 MONTHS of purchase - it will be replaced or refunded - you choose. The last thing we would ever want is to read a bad review. 

To put all this into perspective, Traci Lynn Martin, 2017 world record distance attempt has used ONE RPC3 paddle from beginning of year to date. She is paddling around ALL Great Lakes and to date, she has paddled over 2,000 miles without a problem in all extreme conditions. See how tough our paddles are by watching her video on our home page.